Are you interested in what happens to Clarendon Street, the South Melbourne Market and surrounding areas in South Melbourne? We’re passionate about South Melbourne, along with many other locals, visitors and businesses. So here is where we can all share ideas, vote for the ones we like and ask questions and comment on the ideas of others. We'd love to hear from you.

Help us prioritise the many great ideas, generated through the recent Place Planning Forums for South Melbourne.

Vote, offer feedback or even upload your own great idea to reinvigorate South Melbourne. This is your chance to play your part for this iconic neighbourhood.

Green – In progress: Ideas or initiatives which are already in progress

Yellow – A good chance: Ideas that could be quick and easy to implement

Orange – Needs more work: Ideas that are a little more complex and may take some further planning or consideration

Red – Not yet possible: Ideas that may be difficult to implement at this point in time

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